#GOODTHINGSTODO Drip Candle Bottle with Hilarius Jason
#GOODTHINGSTODO Drip Candle Bottle with Hilarius Jason 

 You’ll need : 
- Used bottle (From your drinks due to WFH)
- Multicolor candles
- Scissors
- Used Plastic bag
- Lighter
- Have water standby

 An example of the multicolor candles
1.Squeeze the candles (depending on the size) into the lid of the bottle, make sure they go inside the bottle
2. Lay a plastic bag and put the bottle on top of it
3. Light the candles
4. Light another candle (preferrably a different color)
5. Heat the sides of the standing candles
5-2. Make sure it melts onto the sides of the bottle
6. You can add more colors if you want
7. Cut the candle wick once in a while to prevent the flame from getting too big
8. Wait patiently (or you can melt the sides again)
9. Play games / water your plants as you wait
10. When it’s done, cut the remaining wick 
11. Add more candles according to your taste!



Written by The Good Things In Life