#GOODTHINGSTODO How to make a simple arrangement with Oltjikko

#GOODTHINGSTODO How to make a simple arrangement with Oltjikko


Here’s what you need:

1 bowl, plate or anything that can keep sufficient water
5 sticks or wires
1 approx. 200 GSM cardboard
2 bunch of fruits or vegetables that are easily poked Beautiful flowers picked from you own garden Scissors
Water mirror 



Pleat the paper (you can also draw your beautuful drawing before you pleat it); 
Punch the paper and make several holes between corners and edges; 
Sew each holes vertically and horizontally using the sticks; 
Poke selected fruits with the sticks to hold the pleated cardboard; 
Carefully insert the flowers in each corners, make sure each tips of stem submerge in the water;
Put them as a centre of your dining table or your kitchen décor,
don't forget to enjoy the fruit while pondering the flowers.








Written by The Good Things In Life