Taman Hayat Taman Hayat

Taman Hayat

In 2016, it started merely from a hobby where they fell in love deeply with indoor plants and collected them at their home for a pleasure. Taman Hayat is the manifestation of their love towards plants and #SurelyGreenIsGood is the movement aimed to inspire city dwellers to live harmony between an artificial world and organic environment. As they believe, the more urban our lifestyle the bigger the need for a connection with nature.

However, the big question is how are we going to stay in touch with nature when our surrounding is being built by concrete, roads, and rapidly replaced by urban sprawl? While we long for something green, something relaxing and calming. One of many ways is to bringing plant (in an aesthetically pleasing way) indoor!

They believe Taman Hayat should be a project that is driven by a purpose. And their purpose is, through #SurelyGreenIsGood campaign they want to become an impact by inspiring city dwellers that green living and bonding with plants can improve the way of living in tangible and intangible way.