Ophélie Necklace

Rp 420.000,00

Description : 

Ophélie is a pretty cool ( pretty & cool ) necklace that you'll enjoy wearing. Made of mixed freshwater pearls and a durable golden stainless steel chain, this necklace is the golden grail of our collection. Be it at meetings or a wedding or a Sunday brunch at home, wear Ophélie everywhere. It's that versatile. 

Color : 

White - Gold 

Size : 

40cm, 43cm, 45cm 

*Limited Stocks Only 

Materials :

Mixed freshwater pearls, stainless steel beads, stainless steel chain. 

Care Instruction : 

- Wipe dry with a soft cloth after each wear 

- Avoid prolonged wear in the water to keep its sparkles. 

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