Elements In Life - Air

Rp 888.000,00

It is a handmade crystal bracelet Made with all genuine, natural,and high quality gemstones. Specifically custom Made based on the element "air" and design inspired by Tandjung Sari.

"Air" is Made out of amethyst, howlite, and green flourite. You are in need of airy elements of you seek clarity in mind. In our body, air is expressed in the form of motion and the life itself. Air is the force of all motions and our most basic connection to life. From allowing the blood to circulate, berating into our lungs, up to bringing the oxygen into the brain. If we are in balance of air element, it activates inspiration as well as creativity. Mindfully in charge and in control of ourself.

If you are lacking of air element, you might feel dullness, sluggishness and even Frozen joints. Other issues such as trouble sleeping, uninspired, and restlessness.