Avocado Oil | 30 ML

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Avocado oil is nutrient, rich, emollient and boasting high levels of lecithin, vitamins A, B1, B2 and D and a range of fatty acids. It increases epidermal elasticity, while thoroughly moisturizing and softening stubborn, dry or cracked skin and excellent for wrinkles treatment. Avocado oil is easily absorbed even though it is a thicker oil, making it a great choice for after bath oils and skin care.

When used as a massage oil, it is soft, soothing and leaves no greasy residue. It can be used topically to soothe skin inflammation, to prevent premature aging and to stimulate hair growth. Avocado oil is one of very few choices when you need a nut free carrier oil. 

Skin Suitability

Excellent for dry and mature skin.

Suggested Use

As a natural moisturizer, apply oil directly to clean skin. Can be used as a scalp or skin conditioner, or as an emollient and as a soothing massage oil.
  • Skin Care emulsions 2 to 5%
  • Body Care emulsions 2 to 10%
  • Skin/Body Oils, Salves, Balms 5 to 100% 
  • Lip Balms 5 to 20%
For the Skin
• Protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while reversing the damage that may have already occurred. 
• Removes impurities and dead skin cells. 
• Soften and smooths the skin and improves the complexion. 
• Reduces skin irritation and itchiness from dry skin. 
• Helps reduce inflammation, itching and redness from psoriasis and Bright's disease. 
• Reduces wrinkles and age spots. 
For the Hair
• Avocado oil protects the hair from heat and other chemicals. 
• Gets rid of split ends and frizzy hair. 
• Enhances hair growth and thickens hair. 
• Adds shine to dull, dry hair. 
• Reduces hair loss due to low levels of Vitamin B and E. 
• is an excellent beard oil for men. 

Shelf Life
 : 6-12 months
Please note that all natural oils when stored and handled carefully can last longer than its expiry dates.