Classic Sun Tan Oil

Rp 220.000,00


Our Classic Sun Tan Oil has a soft & fresh scent of Lemongrass & Frangipangi flowers. This variant is out staple formula, perfect for you who like to keep it subtle.

How To Use:

Apply evenly to exposed body, avoiding contact with eyes. For longer exposure time, reapplication is suggested frequently.


Virgin Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Wheatgerm oil, Sesame seed oil, blend of essential oils & Vitamin E.  

Care Instruction:

Store in a cool dry place to aboid rancidity, do not leave the bottle open after use.

Sun Safety:

The Sun is our friend, but whatever is taken too much is never good. Please avoid mid-day and prolonged exposures to the sun. For extra sun care please use a safe SPF before-hand.