Damask Cloud 100ml - Gras Fragrance

Rp 222.000,00


Damask Cloud

Eau de Parfum

Concentration : 20%

Performance : Damask CLoud lasts for 4-6 hours depending on every person




The land like a velvet dream


Powdery, Dream, Sensual


Floral, Woody


Rose and Saffron


Eau de Parfum

On days when the sun gets shy, clouds of Damask stretch over the horizon, enveloping the lands like a velvet dream. Floating endlessly in skies of blue, dark purple petals of Violet can be seen blossoming from the powdery puff. Wind-blown and reaching their limit, the clouds overflow into droplets of sensual Rose buds and fiery Saffron that rain down on the earth. As the endless sea of petals cover the soil, the fallen solar florals eventually beckon a warm blanket of rich and resinous Oud and Benzoin, promising the sun’s return to its summit. And so, the eternal cycle of flower shower continues.



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