Elements In Life Crystal Bracelet - Fire

Rp 777.000,00

It is a handmade crystal bracelet made with all genuine natural, and high quality gemstones. Specifically custom made based on elements in life. "Fire" is made out of Sunstone and Red Garnet. You are in need of fiery elements if you are pursuing a fulfilling life. In a way that you want to have more desire to achieve your life goas and dreams. A possibility of transition from your normal state of consciousness to a higher one. To achieve self-mastery, self-realization and spiritual empowerment. The needs to have a shift in the old self, to have more self assurance, self control, and to increase your wisdom. Eliminating unwanted doubst, unnecessary fears and confusion.


Nude and Dark Red


Free Size (16cm)

Storage Type:

cool and dry with no direct sunlight


100% natural crystal gemstones with glass beaded connectors & separators.