Elements In Life - Water

Rp 888.000,00

It is a handmade crystal bracelet Made with all genuine, natural,and high quality gemstones. Specifically custom Made based on the element "water"and design inspired by Tandjung Sari.

"Water" is Made out of blue Lace agate, moonstone, and freshwater pearls. You are in need of water element in life if you want to be more present. It brings a sense of "going with the flow" and patience. Having a balanced water element in life Will help you to stay true to yourself. Help to communicate our self expression, intention, and emotion to others. Having a strong sense of who we are, where we are heading, and will keep on flowing with courage and persistence .

You are in indeficiency of water element if you are feeling lethargic, cut off, isolated, and lost. Or simply losing the joy in work, fear, insecurity and lack of courage.